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Strongfaith was founded in 2005, is a professional design and manufacture of precision molds, precision injection molding, plastic spray products, vacuum coating and product assembly front as the foundation, development, precision plastic products to provide customers with high-quality manufacturing as one of the high-tech enterprises. At present, mainly engaged in communications, PC, VR, intelligent wear, medical, vehicle and consumer electronics shell development design, manufacturing and post process processing. With the concept of quality, service, integrity and innovation, the company won the praise of many well-known companies, such as the Great Wall group, Indonesia, Kenuo group, SINBO, Taiwan Rui Ming, Newman mobile, and so on.


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  • qualification:ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, environmental certification qualification.
  • people:Engineers and technicians: 85, staff: 400.
  • equipment:112 imported advanced injection molding machine; 4 automatic and efficient spraying production line; Clean and clean electroplating workshop; Large mold and CNC center
  • monthly output:Injection molding 6.8 million pieces, spraying 5.2 million pieces, plating 1 million pieces.
  • plant output:The workshop area is 20000 square meters

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Product introduction

StrongfaithOur company has rich experience in plastic products and is an industry leader. Our target is precision plastic The top three die industry, the industry leader. Reputation not accept bad, do not produce bad, do not flow bad. Provide the mold for the customer, Injection molding, full automatic spraying, silk printing, printing, hot melt, assembling one-stop service, the products are mobile phone, tablet computer, mobile power Source, bank terminal, bluetooth device, charger shell. It includes general injection molding, thin-wall injection molding, secondary injection molding, double color injection molding, high-speed mirror injection molding, etc.