• position:Product designer

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the artistic creativity and UI design of products of intelligent platforms such as Android and iOS;

    2. Responsible for user interaction, grasping the overall style, visual effect and user experience of the client software;

    3. Cooperate with engineers to optimize the interface of mobile phone software and improve the aesthetic and user experience;

    4. Actively cooperate with relevant departments and colleagues to complete the UI update and modification of all parts of the product according to the product development needs and changes to ensure the successful launch of products;

    5. Support the publicity and design of online products and be able to complete some graphic creative work efficiently;

    6. Other related work assigned by superior leaders.


    1. Art design or related major;

    2. 3 years of experience in UI and advertising graphic design, with advertising company working experience preferred;

    3. Strong communication, coordination and development awareness, clear thinking and quick response;

    4. Proficient in various design software;

    5. Be able to work with high intensity;

    6. Good teamwork ability.